In Office Ear Surgery

InofficMore and more procedures are being performed as an outpatient in our office. The patients enjoy this approach better than going to the hospital. The procedures performed include:

  • Laser Tympanotomy (LAT) is a procedure, developed by Herbert Silverstein, MD, to relieve fluid in the middle ear or to correct eustachian tube blockage without the use of a tube.

  • Laser Assisted Otoendoscopy, a procedure developed by Dr. Silverstein at the Ear Research Foundation (ERF), uses the laser to make a bloodless opening in the eardrum. A tiny endoscope can be inserted through the opening, which allows the surgeon to see the little bones of hearing. They can then evaluate certain types of hearing loss, look through a chronic perforation to determine damage to the hearing bones and ear drum, or see whether membranes over the round window need to be removed before medication is introduced into the middle and inner ear.

  • Repair of Ear Drum Perforations. This procedure takes fifteen minutes to perform, and utilizes fat obtained form the ear lobe to close the perforation. The success rate is 95%.

  • MicroWick™ for treating inner ear disease. This technique allows the patient to instill medication into inner ear, treating the inner ear similar to eye diseases with eye drops. Diseases treated are, Menieres' Disease, hearing loss, vertigo, sudden deafness, autoimmune ear disease and tinnitus (ringing in the ear).

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