Records Review Consultation Program

Records Review Consultation

We are introducing a records review consultation program. To expand our reach and help patients who may be out of state or country. For a second opinion, you may have the physicians at the Silverstein Institute review your medical records and discuss them with you via phone.

This record review / consultation can be used to obtain another opinion about medical or surgical management, or to predate a Silverstein Institute visit to familiarize your physician with your case prior to your office visit.  There is a $350.00 record processing fee for this service. You may enclose your payments with the records or indicate that you would like to use a credit card.  Our business office will contact you to obtain payment information.  Please do not hesitate to call our practice administrator. or 941-556-4229.

Please do not hesitate to contact our practice administrator: or 941-556-4229

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Record Review Consultation
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Silverstein Institute Medical Records Dept.
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